Why Lease Photocopiers?

Purchasing Power

Equipment lease financing allows the lessee to acquire more and/or higher-end equipment.

Asset Management

A lease provides the use of equipment for specific periods of time at fixed payments.

TAX Treatment

Leasing offers the option of deducting 100 percent of the lease payment as a business expense.

Service Additions

Many lessees choose to structure their leases to include installation, maintenance and other services.

Specialised Assistance

Lessors are specialists in equipment leasing & financing, and understand capital equipment markets.

No Deposit

There is rarely a deposit required. The term of the lease can be matched with the useful life of the equipment.

Upgraded Technology

The lessee can upgrade or add equipment to meet ever-changing needs of your business.


Allowing the lessee to customise a program to address cash flow, budget, transaction structure.

There is a reason why every single FTSE 100 company and all of the major accountancy firms lease. It makes sound financial sense.For any more information regarding buying and leasing, please contact us on our FREE phone 0800 197 8883.