6 Cloud challenges you may encounter

Technology in the work environment has vastly changed in the last decades. Businesses went from paper-based filings, to in-house databases and finally to cloud services. The transition to cloud-based storage can be extremely beneficial for some businesses, as it allows them to keep data off-site, where it is managed by a professional who should be able to keep your data secure. However, cloud services are not perfect by any means and it is important for a business to consider whether the cloud will actually benefit them.

In this article we will look at a few of the challenges associated with cloud services and potentially how to tackle these issues when they arise.

Migration – Setting up a cloud environment from scratch may be a costly and time-consuming process, depending on how much data your business uses. In the long run, cloud services will most likely be beneficial from a cost perspective, but it is easy to see why some businesses are initially hesitant.

Since your business will upload and download files from an off-site location, it will be worthwhile investing in a good internet service provider that can ensure internet speeds high enough to cope with the cloud. But this may depend on the size of the files you are attempting to download or upload.

Employee challenges – The cloud is a fairly new process to many people and a completely different way of working for some. When first implementing a cloud system, there may be some pushback from employees who do not fully understand the benefits of using the cloud. Educating employees on the benefits of the cloud and how to use it may help to persuade employees to adopt this new method of working.

Unnecessary – In some scenarios, a business may have heard about cloud services and seek to implement it in their current way of working, to improve their services and keep up with their competitors. However, in some cases, a business may not be ready, or have suitable requirements for cloud services. This is why it is important to fully understand how the cloud will improve your business operations before sprinting to new technologies.

Hosting – In some cases, a business may set up a cloud service with a cloud provider and then decide that they have found a better deal or service from another provider. In this scenario, it might be difficult to migrate one cloud instance to another, because both providers need to communicate and may be working using different systems. This is why it is important to properly research into the best cloud service provider, to ensure your business needs and requirements are met.

Downtime – It is important to understand that access to the cloud may be not possible if the business hosting the cloud experiences some issues. If you choose a good cloud provider then this happens very rarely, but do be prepared for this eventuality. But in reality, any site or online service can be temporarily unavailable, this even happens to mega businesses like Facebook and Instagram, so it is likely not a cause for concern, rather something to be aware of.

Regulations – A business that stores customer data must be compliant to the relevant laws and legislation in their country. This is no different to cloud services. It may be slightly easier since the cloud provider will take care of ensuring that your information stored with them is secure, but it will be in your best interest to research your chosen cloud provider and check their security and data policies. In addition to this, it will be your responsibility as the business owner to ensure that your employees have had security training on using the cloud to prevent any data breaches.

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