Benefits of using a Managed Print Service provider.

As a business grows, their need for technology will also grow to the point where new devices, systems and processes are put in place to support the growth of the company. At some point in time regardless of the industry you serve or size of your company, you will most likely need to invest in a printer or a photocopier. In doing this, businesses must consider associated running costs including consumables like ink, toner and paper and even power to run the machine itself. Not to mention regular maintenance and monitoring of the machines not only to extend the lifespan of each device but to also minimise the risk of it breaking down.

Handling your photocopier and printers inhouse can become costly and painstaking to manage, particularly as your business grows and becomes more widespread. With all this being said there are ways to minimise costs, risk and hassle by choosing to partner with a managed print service provider.

How can a managed print service provider benefit a business?

  • Reduce printing costs and associated expenditure
  • Improve data/information security
  • Reduce capital expenditure while improving cashflow
  • Reduce environmental footprint
  • Save time and productivity

Reduce Printing Costs and Associated Expenditure

One of the biggest issues we find with many companies is being able to managed numerous devices across multiple sites. With regular maintenance, repairs and servicing needed to ensure devices are kept at optimal conditions, some companies find it hard to track and manage each one individually which often increases costs as a result of poor management. Not to mention making sure each one has enough ink or toner needed to meet your needs for the day or week which often leads to large stock piles in the office which cost money and could be better used elsewhere.

Benefits: Managed print service providers help to reduce costs by;

  • Maintenance – Ensure the maintenance, servicing and repairs of each machine in your fleet by expert engineers and photocopier management software which tracks and alerts us of any problems or issues with the device. (This helps to reduce the downtime of the machine and ensures quick call out times).
  • Consumables – Provide ink and toner when and where it is needed. We use print audit to track your toner usage so that we can deliver the goods to you, in time to ensure there is no downtime for any machine. (This helps to keep your business running productively).
  • Print assessment – We will also run a print assessment across all of your current devices or set up to be able to highlight inefficiencies and costly areas in your fleet while providing advice on how you can consolidate machines and take a more cost-effective approach.
  • Energy Saving – Old hardware can cost a huge amount to run. We provide energy efficient devices which come with built in features to reduce your energy consumption, thus saving you money.
  • Control Costs – We ensure your costs are completely visible, allowing you to track spending and control the amount you pay, helping to reduce waste and save money by identifying costly areas.

Improve Data/information Security

Data security is fast becoming one of the most important areas in a business. Protecting IT systems and devices is vital in being able to ensure the protection of your business-critical data. With intellectual property theft on the rise and data breaches prevalent it is becoming harder for businesses to protect important documents and files saved on their network.

Benefits: Managed print service providers help to improve security by;

  • Reduce Data Risk – Reduce the risk of stolen intellectual property or data with security features available on each device such as secure sign in or login cards.
  • Automatic Security – Automatic hard drive wiping functionality to ensure any sensitive or important data is removed from each device.
  • Document Disposal – We also provide a range of shredding equipment with 1-6 security levels ranging from traditional office use to governmental agency standard security graded equipment.
  • Provide Network Level Solutions – Providing network level solutions helps to reduce the risk of information being retrieved by hackers.
  • Best Practices – We can help to advise you on the best practices to follow with regards to document disposal, mobile printing, sign in and device storage.

Reduce capital expenditure while improving cashflow

The cost of purchasing multiple devices can become a significant figure regardless of buying brand new or second-hand equipment. Managed print service providers offer pay as you go style contract with leased equipment where you only pay for what you use with the lease costs. This helps to spread the costs of acquiring large amounts of equipment, this ensures your business can improve cashflow and flexibility.

If you would like more information on purchasing and leasing, see our latest blog here.

Reduce environmental footprint

Using a managed print service provider who utilise print management software enables your business to track costs, material usage and waste throughout your organisation which helps you to identify areas for improving your environmental footprint. With more and more companies trying to be more sustainable, a managed print service provider can help you to achieve that.

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