General Questions About Photocopiers

A Multi-Functional Device, commonly refereed to as an MFD is an all in one device. These all in one devices commonly incorporate the functionality to print, copy and scan becoming a document management unit for small, medium and large office environments. Incorporating these elements into one device tends to reduce the carbon foot print and subsequently the costs to run and maintain the device.

Single function devices, or single function printers only have the capacity to print documents. They tend to be used in smaller office environments.

With the capability of the printer or multi functional device you can print double sided via the settings on you PC or laptop. This can be done during the print preview menu by selecting settings > print both sides.

There are a variety of ways in which you can reduce your overall printing costs.

  1. Find a good, consistent and reliable supplier.
  2. Print only when you need to.
  3. Printing Accountability.
  4. Print both sides to save extra paper usage.
  5. Choose a device which meets your needs.

Auditing software for Photocopiers can be used to gather such information as meter readings, toner supply levels and also to alert of any maintenance issues that many need taking care of on the machine. Software such as Print Audit can be used however, there are other alternatives such as Paper Cut which work on a similar basis.

Meter Readings

It may vary from machine to machine in terms of the location of the metre readings. At P8 Systems, we use software which is installed by our dedicated team on arrival to our clients. This software alerts us when you have low toner and you need it replenished and also can provide us with diagnostics as to any maintenance that may need doing but most importantly tells us how much you have printed.

Please call us on 0800 197 8883 and our customer service team can talk you through the process or alternatively provide additional training.


Please contact service@p8systems.co.uk for any repairs or maintenance you may require. Also use this contact if you require any free training for the use of your device.