How can Document Digitisation benefit your business?

With so many documents in the modern business environment, it can become difficult to keep track of each and every one, let alone being able to find and share them on demand. This can slow your business down through inefficient processes and also cost you to store these documents in physical office spaces. Document Digitisation can help to relieve some of the burdens this entails.

How can Document Digitisation benefit?

  1. Work more efficiently and faster – You can streamline your document workflows and even automate them for improved speed and accuracy.
  2. Improve collaboration – Access and share data from any location, in any format.
  3. Cost savings – Cut your printing costs by reducing your physical document volume and pay less for storage.
  4. Security – Store your information in digital form, keeping it safe and secure. Never leave confidential data lying around again.

How does Document Digitisation work?

  1. Paper Document – Take the paper document you wish to digitise as your source piece of information.
  2. Digital Capture – Start the conversion process by digitising your document into a digital format which is readable.
  3. Process/imaging – Imaging technology will recognise your documents and the process workflows used.
  4. Storage – Your document will then be stored, allowing you to access, edit, send and share the stored data either locally or in the cloud with your colleagues.

How can we achieve Document Digitisation?

There are a range of Canon devices which are able to Digitise Documents on demand. Highly recommended for this type of process is the imageRUNNER ADVANCE, we offer a range of these devices which can both print and scan documents in efficient time. Some of our best picks include:

Want to learn more about moving towards a paperless office through document digitisation?

We have helped countless amounts of small and medium sized businesses achieve document digitisation across various parts of their business. Speak to one of our experts today for a more in-depth look into Document Digitisation.

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