How can Managed Print Services save you money?

As your business grows, you may experience ‘growing pains’ which are inevitable as your employee numbers rise, it systems become across multiple sites and the need for new technology and workflows becomes apparent. This usually means companies then begin to look at ways of consolidating spending by centralising as much as possible. From a printing perspective, the more offices and employees you have generally means the more printing you are going to do, and while many might not realise, printing can account for huge amounts of a company’s bottom line if not managed correctly.

How can managed print services save my business money? 

We have compiled a list of the top 3 ways you can save money through a Managed Print Service Provider.

1. Consolidating printer/photocopier fleet 

Over time, companies tend to accumulate various different types, sizes and brands of printers and photocopiers throughout multiple locations which becomes difficult to manage and can begin to cost significant amounts of money to maintain and use. Older equipment also tends to contribute to inefficiencies within a department or office through being slow and of poor quality.

A managed print service provider will work with you to establish where your printer/photocopier fleet can be consolidated to not only reduce the cost of equipment and maintenance but to also provide efficiency gains by putting the right machines in the right locations to get the most out of them. This can also contribute to less wasted materials such as paper and ink/toner which could be inefficiently used due to poor and outdated equipment.

  • Consolidate amount of equipment
  • Reduce wasted materials like ink/toner and paper
  • Provide convenient access to all employees with strategic locations
  • Boost efficiency
  • Reduce maintenance and repair call outs

2. Reduce wasted materials like ink/toner and paper

Many companies spend vast amounts on printer ink cartridges, reams of paper and photocopier toner each month to keep the office running and as most of you will probably know it isn’t cheap! Using a managed print service provider can help you to track the usage of such materials on a user and even departmental level to help identify where you need to focus your efforts.

Further to this, a managed print service provider will also help you to hold less stock and deliver the necessary consumables when you need them. This ensures that large stock piles of materials don’t get lost or damaged while also helping to promote a more efficient and environmentally friendly approach.

  • Track print usage across users and departments
  • Deliver consumables in time for when you need them
  • Reduce inventory of print related consumables
  • Promote greener policies throughout your organisation

3. Better quality maintenance and servicing

Just like a car, your photocopiers and printers need servicing, maintenance and sometimes repairs. So making sure you get good quality technicians servicing your machines is just as important as anything else looking at ways to reduce your print related spending overtime. A managed print service provider will have fully trained and experienced engineers and technicians who are able to identify and correct issues fast and effectively which helps to reduce the downtime of your business and also to help prevent similar issues in the future.

Working on a proactive basis, many managed print service providers will also run scheduled maintenance across your fleet to ensure it is in top working order and is able to provide your business what it needs to grow. This will also help to reduce costs such as repairs and related costs due to improved upkeep of your machines.

  • Regular maintenance helps to reduce repairs and issues
  • Highly experienced technicians able to correct issues fast and efficiently
  • Up to date training on the latest equipment to ensure knowledge of all photocopiers in your fleet

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