How Managed Print Services can solve business challenges

The business need for managed print services (MPS) is becoming increasingly popular, as they are seen to allocate more free time for employees to work on business-critical tasks. MPS provides a business with specialists that can simplify workflows, save money, reduce used storage capacity and many more.

Many of the printing related challenges a business will face can be simply solved through MPS.


How Managed Print Services can solve business challenges

Obsolete Equipment

There are cases when some businesses invest in a printer pool that far surpasses the actual printing requirements of the business. This can happen when a business acquires equipment with different models and makes, as it can become time consuming to keep the equipment performing efficiently and updated to the latest version.

Slow devices will often affect productivity and when this happens, some businesses will purchase new equipment to improve workflow. A business can spent a lot of money if they are regularly purchasing new equipment, or spending time on updating their current devices. This problem can be solved through an MPS.

A Business can devote less time and effort into their equipment because an MPS will ensure that all devices will continue to perform to their highest standard and are updated as soon as the latest updates are released. In addition to this, when new models with improved functionality are released, the MPS will replace their old devices with the latest.

Inadequate in-house support

As a business grows and expands, it is likely that their printing requirements will also increase. More often than not, a business may seek to employee in-house technicians to oversee any technological issues related to the business, but this could be expensive and can stretch the capabilities of the technician.

When a business has a large number of devices or does not have in-house technicians, it can be difficult to keep devices running efficiently. An MPS is capable of solving this problem by providing expertise and service workers to fix issues and update devices. This allows the business to devote more effort on other business critical areas.

Inventory Mismanagement

It can be quite common for companies to focus too much or too little on printing supplies and this can have a negative effect on the business. For example, limitations within a budget can cause a business to take less consideration about printing supplies, causing low stock which may cause negative repercussions on meeting deadlines and performance.

On the other hand, stockpiling can also have adverse effects through unnecessary overspending and locating suitable storage space. MPS work great in this example, as they ensure that supplies are automatically ordered, which completely reduces the need for stockpiling and critical outages, thus maintaining optimised workflow.

Large Carbon Footprint

Reducing carbon emissions is a popular subject for many businesses as of lately and due to the fact that paper, ink and toner cartridges are all seen to produce large amount of waste material, businesses want to do their best to reduce this.

MPS tackle this issue by helping businesses manage documents digitally to reduce the amount of paper used. In addition to this, some MPS source cartridges that have been remanufactured to decrease landfill waste while retaining high quality prints.

Insecure Data

Unsecured endpoints can be a serious threat to a businesses’ data. It is very important to monitor and control access of equipment to prevent data breaches that could damage the reputation of a business and bring grief to their customers or clients.

MPS help to keep devices secure through several methods such as, introducing security software and automatically updating equipment to protect against the most recent vulnerabilities. MPS should also have security measures in place that meet or exceed the requirements set in place by the relevant governing body and may also include additional security features such as, employee key cards that can be used to release print jobs.

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