How unmanaged printers and photocopiers could be costing you more

Unmanaged printing devices could be costing your business thousands due to increased maintenance, repairs, consumables and much more. We have compiled a list of the top things that we come across with many businesses that cost them more and more each year.

1. Incorrect supplies and consumables

Ink and toner cartridges are made to fit specific printers and photocopiers, but many businesses choose to cut initial costs by purchasing unbranded supplies which are not specifically designed for the machines you have. Where this may save money initially, using these supplies can damage your machine and cause an increase in maintenance and repairing which ultimately ends up costing your more in the long run having to buy another machine or on replacement parts and labour. A managed print provider ensures you get the highest quality supplies for the machines you have to ensure the smooth running and up keep of your devices.

2. Unsecured Devices

Having unsecured devices increases the risk of data breaches or even hackers getting into your IT systems and ultimately your business data. Without a managed print provider, your devices will likely remain unsecured and this will only increase the risk of attack as time goes on. A managed print provider will ensure your devices are fitted with the latest security features and capabilities so you can run your business knowing we’ve got you covered.

3. Over exerted internal resources

Without a managed print provider, your business will be responsible for every aspect of managing your printers and photocopiers. This may not be so bad with one device, but as your business grows and you acquire more printers, it will become increasingly hard to keep up with maintenance, repairs and the purchasing of equipment and consumables. This will likely over exert your staff and means that they cannot carry on with their daily tasks and responsibilities due to printer repairs, fixes, missing ink and toner etc. A managed print provider takes the strain away from your business which allows you more time to do the things that are important within your business.

4. Down-time

Downtime can become costly, especially when things tend to break just when you need them the most. Not being able to print or scan using your devices can grind your business to a halt, which means you can’t carry on with the things you’re supposed to be doing. A managed print provider takes care of repairs and maintenance to ensure your downtime is kept to the absolute minimum.

Find out how a Managed Print provider could work for you, get in touch today.

As a managed print provider, we take away the burden of managing the upkeep, maintenance and repairs of your devices and effectively deliver your supplies in time to give you peace of mind when running your business. For a monthly cost, we ensure everything is covered when it comes to your printers and photocopiers. Get in touch today.

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