Managed Print Jargon Explained

With many businesses, they don’t tend to want much more than simply printing and scanning documents when they need them. So, when they start to hear about advanced features, security elements and document management capabilities, things can often get confusing due to managed print jargon.

We thought we would explain it in simple terms so you are in the know when talking about your printers or photocopiers. It’s important to know what certain terms mean when identifying a managed print partner and suitable equipment which will meet your needs.

Top 5 Managed Print Jargon 

We have compiled a list of the top 5 terminologies which we feel users may get confused with and our explanation.


SFTP stands for Secure File Transfer Protocol which is used for securely transferring files between different devices which normally happens over the internet.

Why do you need it? It makes sure you have a safe and secure connections for sending scanned documents from their devices (printers or photocopiers) to their destination. Unlike traditional FTP, SFTP provides a highly secure connection and the highest level of protection against data interceptions.

2. Protocols

Protocols are a set of rules which provide governance to the exchange of data between devices such as computers, printers and photocopiers. When you have equipment made by different brands, protocols allow them to communicate between a mutual language of governance. Limiting the number of unused ports and protocols means the lower the risk of your devices being attacked.

3. Encryption

Encryption is a security measure which is used across photocopiers and printers which scrambles data into a form which can only be read by users with the right pass code. This provides privacy to your documents when they are shared and transferred across the internet in case they get intercepted. If you send, received, store and print confidential data, encryption will enhance your security.

4. IP Blocking

IP blocking is a method of security used on devices which ensures that the device will only accept connections from a list of trusted IP addresses linked to trusted devices. This prevents unauthorised access to your printers and photocopiers.

5. Pull Print

Pull print means ‘pulling’ documents you wish to print from a secure location. This is an alternative method to instant printing where your document will come straight out of the printer or photocopier when you press print. On average, over 25% of printed documents go uncollected and forgotten. This means when you print, your documents will not be released from the photocopier until you are ready to retrieve them.  Using pull print means you can reduce wasted paper, power and print supplies by allowing your users to retrieve documents after they press print. This also improves document security for sensitive data.

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