Privacy Policy

At P8 Systems Ltd, we are committed to protecting the privacy and security of our customers and website visitors. We recognise the trust our customers place in our business when providing us with personal information, which is why we ensure that we are 100% compliant with current data protection laws and regulations. Our Privacy Policy outlines our promise to you, the customer. We ensure that we do not share your personal data with any third party companies so that they cannot market their own products and services to you using this information. If you have any further questions regarding our Privacy Policy, please don’t hesitate to contact us at is the website of P8 Systems Ltd, registered in the United Kingdom, Company Number 06411381, Registered Office Address 109 Coleman Road, Leicester, LE5 4LE. Any reference within this policy to “P8 Systems”, “us”, “our” or “we” is related to P8 Systems Ltd.

When interacting or using our website or any other platform we may use, you may provide, or we may collect certain types of data which can personally identify you (personal data). Keeping with the regulations set by the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and other laws relating to the use of personal data, we notify you that we are the data controller. This means that we are responsible for deciding how your personal data is used, keeping this data safe and also only using it for legitimate purposes.


We are committed to protecting your personal data, privacy and security when using our services and we ensure that all necessary steps are taken to fully comply with the GDPR and to fulfil our legal obligations to it. Our Privacy Policy will also outline how we fulfil these commitments, please ensure you read the information carefully before continuing to use our services.

Policy Outline/Content


  • The different types of personal data that we collect, or that you provide us through our website or any other occasion.
  • How we use your personal data and why we use it. Including the legal reasoning and purpose behind such use.
  • Your legal rights with regards to your personal data including procedures to follow to exercise those rights
  • Who we share your personal data with and why if applicable.
  • How we keep, manage and ensure your data is secure and how long we keep it for.
  • How you can contact us to find out more about our Privacy Policy.

Types of personal data we collect from you

You may provide us, or we may collect certain types of personal data from you when you register for an account with P8 Systems or when using any of our services, here are the types of data collected.

Type of data Data collected
Identity First Name


Login details (password)

Country of residence

Financial Billing Address

Purchase Information

Payment Card Details

Previous Purchase History

(when singing up for an account with a social profile such as Facebook, Google etc.)
Social Login Details

(We will use the details from your relevant social account or profile to populate the required inputs for your P8 Systems account registration).

Contact Business/Home Address

Email Address

Phone Contact Number

Profile Marketing Preferences

Website Preferences

Feedback – reviews and surveys


We may collect the following Usage and Technical data from you when using online services such as our website. This data is collected using ‘cookies’ which are tracking technologies, explained further below.

(how you use our website)



Time spent on page

Page visits


Technical IP Address

Device information

Browser Type

Hardware Type

Network and Software Identifiers

Operating System and System Configuration

Purpose of use and legal reasoning

The table below outlines why we use your personal data, the type of data being collected for that purpose and the legal reasoning behind why we are allowed to collect and use it.

Why we use your personal data Type of data

reasoning for use

Registering for a P8 Systems account. Identity




Performance of a contract with you (the P8 Systems customer or user).
Logging into your P8 Systems account. Identity



Performance of a contract with you (the P8 Systems customer or user).
Enable you to purchase a product from our website Identity



Performance of a contract with you (the P8 Systems customer or user).
The delivery of a product purchased. Identity


Performance of a contract with you (the P8 Systems customer or user).

Internal administration records and record keeping


All Performance of a contract with you (the P8 Systems customer or user).


Required to comply with a legal obligation


Required for our legitimate interest (for effective administration and service provision)

To notify you of any changes made to our products/services or our privacy policy, terms of service, cookie policy or our refund policy. Identity


Performance of a contract with you (the P8 Systems customer or user).


Required to comply with a legal obligation

Contacting you regarding enquiries made or support requests – this may be done through email, post or telephone. Identity


Performance of a contract with you (the P8 Systems customer or user).


Required for our legitimate interest (ensuring customers are informed and satisfied with our services).

Contacting you regarding any relevant products or services we provide which we feel you would be interested in. Identity





Required for our legitimate interests (developing our business, developing products and services for our customers).

To improve the usability and experience of the website for customers by delivering more relevant content including products and services we provide (e.g. related products). Identity





Required for our legitimate interests (to develop our business, to develop our website experience for customers and to inform our marketing strategy in order to develop further).

To administer the P8 Systems website, including aspects such as analysis, testing and troubleshooting to enable customers to use all functionality available on our website.


All Performance of a contract with you (the P8 Systems customer or user).


Required for our legitimate interests (to ensure our website is working functionally and operating in the most effective way for our customers).

Verifying your identity to detect fraudulent activities and/or security issues. All Required for our legitimate interests (to ensure the prevention and detection of fraudulent activity, security incidents and criminal activity on the P8 Systems website and other platforms).
Give customers or users of the site the opportunity to provide feedback through such means as reviews and surveys. Identity





Required for our legitimate interests (to develop our business, obtain feedback from customers to improve and develop our products and services, to promote new products and services).


We ensure that we only use your personal data for the purposes in which it was collected from you, or that you provided us. Although we may deem it necessary to use the data for another reason which is relevant and compatible with the original purpose. If we do use such information for another reason, we will ensure you are notified and we will fully explain the legal basis behind such use and why we are allowed to do so. Further, we may at times anonymise and aggregate (combine) your personal data which mean that you cannot be personally identified via that data. This data would be used for internal processes such as research, testing of internal systems and also general customer data analysis, this data can be legally used for any of the purposes stated above due to the fact that the data is not personally identifiable.


Your rights to your personal data

Typically, when we collect your personal data you are entitled legally to the following:

  • Access to a copy of your personal data held with P8 Systems Ltd.
  • Allow you to correct or update your personal data held with P8 Systems Ltd. (This can be achieved by logging into your account and changing your details attached to your account or contact P8 Systems and we can make these changed for you).
  • Object to the processing of your personal data, in the case where we are relying on a legitimate interest (shown in the table provided above).
  • Restrict the processing of your personal data.
  • Request the transfer of your personal data to a third party or when you have already provided consent for certain processing of your personal data, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any point in time. Please note that if we have legal grounds to continue to process this personal data, we will continue to do so).

If your wish to exercise any of these rights shown above, please contact P8 Systems Ltd directly. There are no fees or charges in order to exercise your rights, unless the requests made are unfounded and excessive (in this case we may charge a reasonable fee). Alternatively to this, we may refuse to fulfil your request in circumstances such as this. If however your requests are legitimate, legal and necessary, we ensure that we will process your request within the 1 month period to ensure we comply with our legal obligations and provide you with the information you requested. This period may be extended in circumstances where the request made is somewhat complex or must legally take longer to process). We may also need to confirm your identity before processing any requests if it is unclear who is making such request.

Alternatively, you may also get in contact with the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) if you have any concerns with the way in which we process and handle your personal data. However, we would really appreciate it if you would get in contact with us first if you have such concerns.

Who we share your data with and why

P8 Systems do not pass your personal data onto any third parties for them to market their products and services to you, if in the future we decide to do so, we will ensure we only do so if we have your consent and can legally do so.

However, we do share your personal data with third parties in order to help us improve and deliver our products and services to you, the customer in the most effective way we can. This would include third parties to aid us in:

  • Our customer reviews
  • Detecting fraud and/or criminal activities
  • In creating your P8 Systems account using your social media company account, to provide information as part of the sign-up/registration process.
  • Processing customer payments and delivery options
  • Hosting our website
  • Delivery of relevant email marketing content (to the extent you have not unsubscribed).
  • Delivering relevant targeted or re-targeted advertising to keep you up to date with our services.


If we do happen to share your personal data with any third party company, we ensure that the access they are provided is limited to the specific need and is subject to suitable obligations regarding confidentiality and security alike. Please note that these third party companies may use cookies or other tracking technologies (these are explained in detail within our Cookie Policy).

If we are required to provide your personal data to third parties by law or legal obligations, we will ensure that the disclosure of such personal data is only what is required by law and no more shall be provided.



Do we send your data outside the EEA?

The EEA (European Economic Area) is highly regarded when it comes to standards on data privacy and security. We tend to try and limit the amount of data, if any that we send outside of the EEA. If for any reason we do send this data outside of the EEA, we ensure that the data being used is being treated fairly and lawfully, while also including a legal basis for sending the data outside the EEA in the first place. We will ensure safeguards are put in place, which you, the customer are entitled to a copy of the procedures we put in place to safeguard this data when sending it outside of the EEA.

How we keep your data secure

We ensure that we utilise current industry standard security procedures to ensure not only the security of your personal data but also preventing loss, unauthorised access and criminal activities. As an example, the use of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates on our website to ensure an encrypted connection is made between the server and the browser you are using to view our website. This will ensure that all the data you enter in our website is fully encrypted and private, thus helping us to keep your data secure. We will also ensure that any third party company we provide your data to, also had the same security procedures in place to ensure the integrity of your data.

Despite the security measures we implement, please be aware that the transmission of data via the internet is not completely secure. As such, we cannot guarantee that information transmitted to us via the internet will be completely secure and any transmission is at your own risk.

How long we keep your data

We will keep your data based on the requirements for its use. We will keep your data for as long as you hold a P8 Systems account, or for as long as you are still happy to receive content from us regarding news, services and products. If you no longer wish to be engaged with P8 Systems we may have to still hold your data if there is a legal obligation to do so. This may be, for example for TAX purposes or if we have any on-going disputes we need to settle with you.

Links to third party websites

Our website may contain various links to other websites which are not controlled by P8 Systems. Once these links have been clicked and you leave our website, we no longer have any control over what happens to your personal data. This means that P8 Systems cannot be responsible for the protection or privacy of any personal data you provide to these websites. As we do not hold control over these third party websites, we therefore cannot accept liability and this Privacy Policy you are reading does not apply to those third party websites specifically. When entering these websites, you should ensure you read their own Privacy Policies to ensure the integrity of your persona data before continuing.


Changes to our Privacy Policy

If we amend or change our current Privacy Policy, it will be published on the P8 Systems website (, which you can check at any time for updates and amendments. If we make substantial changes to our Privacy Policy, we will ensure that we contact you to let you know, this is usually by email.

How to opt out of P8 Systems Marketing

You are able to opt out of P8 Systems marketing activities at any time. You can do this by contacting us or by using the opt-out function on any marketing materials we send to you such as emails. However, even if you opt out of this service, we may still need to contact you regarding any updates to our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Cookie Policy or our Refund Policy.

We do not currently transfer your data to any third party companies for their own marketing purposes, however if we decide to do so in the future, we will ensure we get your consent first. You will then be able to opt-out of any third party marketing at any point following this same procedure.

Contact Us


If you would like to discuss anything with us regarding this policy or any other, or if you want to exercise your rights relating to your personal data please contact us via the following:

P8 Systems Ltd,

15 Highview Close,



United Kingdom.