Kobra 300 CC2

Paper       Staples and Paper Clips         Credit Cards     



Kobra 300 CC2 is a mid-size cross cut office shredder that offers great security while being able to process high volume jobs. This office shredder can process 17 sheets simultaneously with a maximum speed of 24 ft./min. It converts paper and credit cards to 3/32 x 5/8-inch cross cut particles which are impossible to reconstruct. A 12-inch wide feed opening allows the unit to accept documents of varying sizes. 

The Kobra 300 CC2 office cross cut shredder features an automatic start/ stop function for convenient operation. It starts automatically on detecting documents in its feed opening and stops when it is done with shredding. An automatic reverse mechanism prevents paper jams and blockages. The shredded waste is collected in 21-gallon wastebasket, which can be conveniently removed for waste removal. This Kobra cross-cut shredder suspends operation if the waste bag is full or the door is open. Light indicators provide information on the status of the shredder. 

The Kobra shredder 300 CC2 supports an ‘Energy Smart’ mechanism that reduces the overall energy footprint of the unit by consuming zero energy in standby mode. This office shredder sits on top of castors making transportation easy.

Model                                   Kobra 300 CC2

Security Level                     4

Shred Type                          Cross Cut

Shred Size                           3/32″ x 5/8″

Sheet Capacity                    17 Sheets

Speed                                   24ft/min

Motor Type                           24 Hours Continuous Duty

Can Shred                            Paper, Paper Clips and Staples, Credit Cards

Dimensions (WxDxH)         17″ x 12.25″ x 32.5″

Bin Size                                21 Gallon

Throat Size                           12

Weight                                  80 lbs

Noise Level                          61 dba

Voltage                                115/60 V/Hz

Power                                  11/2 HP


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