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Kobra Cyclone is a highly professional model made especially for high-volume shredding with ultimate security. It is available in security levels 002, 003, 004, 005, and 006. The security level 5 is NATO approved. Kobra Cyclone meets the shredding standards of Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO). One of the major conveniences offered by Kobra is ability to change the security level even after installation. You can keep your desired security level which can be switched any time with a simple process. Its powerful thermal protected motor enables it to operate continuously without oiling or any special maintenance. You can operate in continuously without the risk of overheating. It can shred any type of material such as papers, CDs, DVDs, Floppy-disks, Blu-ray, credit cards, cardboard, carton boxes, plastic bottles and aluminium cans.

Model                                   Kobra Cyclone 

Security Level                     2,3,4,5,6

Shred Type                         Dependent on security level

Shred Size                           Dependent on security level

Sheet Capacity                    500 Sheets

Speed                                   45,000 Credit Cards Per Hour, 15,000 CD’s Per Hour, 7,000 Floppy-Disks Per Hour

Motor Type                           24 Hours Continuous Duty

Can Shred                            Paper Clips and Staples, Cardboard, Cartons, Plastic Bottles, Cans, Credit Cards and CD/DVDs

Dimensions (WxDxH)         32” x 85″ x 84″

Bin Size                                100 Gallon

Throat Size                           13” x 9″

Weight                                  2300 lbs

Noise Level                          75-85 dba

Voltage                                208/60 V/Hz  

Power                                  8 HP


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