Shredder Technologies to Consider

Shredders have changed a lot since their invention. Engineers have succeeded in further improving the functionality and efficiency of shredders and continue to do so. When acquiring a shredder, it is important to consider what features are desirable and which are less important. It is relevant to find one that works for you and meets your requirements.

This article discusses several popular features of modern shredders and how they are beneficial.


Jam Prevention

Most people who have used a shredder have experienced paper jams and they know it can be a fairly tedious task to remove the jammed paper stuck from within the shredder’s blades. There are several reasons why jamming occurs, such as loading too many pages into the shredder or attempting to shred thick material like cardboard.

There are several different types of shredder mechanisms that help solve the annoyance of paper jams.

Non-stop Jam – This technology uses sensors that detect if too much paper is loaded in the shredders and alerts the user to stop loading until the current paper has been processed.

Intelligent Jam Clearance – Works by automatically clearing paper jams by first reversing then pulling through the previously jammed paper.

Jam Stopper – This technology is simple but effective as it helps to solve jams by reversing excess paper from within the shredder.


Intelligent systems are becoming more standardised and shredders are no exception. These systems help to optimise current functionalities and aim to reduce human error where possible. Some modern shredders have a variety of methods in place to help produce consistent shreds without hindering productivity.

Auto-Feeding – This is a time efficient technology that allows paper to be queued for shredding. Once paper is loading in the feed tray, the shredder will automatically feed the loaded paper into the shredder without any further manual assistance.

Bin Full – This is a simple but effective tool for knowing when the waste bin is at capacity. It is usually indicated by illuminating a trash icon alerting the user that the bin should be emptied.

Intelligent Self-Oil – This helps to keep the shredder running efficiently and reduces the need for maintenance by automatically lubricating the shredder blades. Ensuring that the shredder is in good working condition will prolong the life of the shredder.

Intelligent Self-Cleaning – Another technology to reduce maintenance and prolong the life of the shredder by removing built-up paper debris from the shredder blade. This will also reduce the likelihood of jamming.


Safe shredding is a very important thing to consider especially when operating around vulnerable people or children. Most people are caution enough to avoid putting their fingers in or around a working shredder but accidents do happen! Risks like these can be significantly reduced when investing in a shredder that has safety features built-in.

Safety lock – Keeping the shredder unavailable to unauthorised or vulnerable individuals is advisable. Using the built-in locking mechanism can prevent people from using the shredder. Also, some shredders are capable of locking pre-shredded documents away from unauthorised or disgruntled employees. This helps to keep documents confidential and safe until they are destroyed.

Safety Sensor – This is an extremely useful technology for shredders to have as they protect users from becoming harmed by the shredder. Sensors are able to detect if hands are too close to the shredder blades and immediately powers down the shredder.

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