Simple ways to improve your document security

With many businesses returning to work, whether it be hybrid or full-time office hours, you may have noticed an increase in your document output which increases the chances of important information being thrown out in the rubbish, left at the photocopier for anyone to find and even an increased risk due to other businesses and people visiting your place of work.

Too often important documents and devices containing sensitive information are carelessly discarded or left lying around with no way of protecting the integrity of the information. There is also a higher risk of cyber criminals being able to gain access to your network through your photocopiers and potentially steal this information.

In some industries this may not present much of a problem but when handling customer data, financial data or even data regarding other businesses etc can prove quite an issue with increasing fines, damage to reputation and stronger regulations against organisations particularly in property management, healthcare and accounting.


How can my business ensure document security and protect the loss of sensitive data now that staff have returned to work?

Photocopier Document Security

Photocopying equipment provides built in functionality to provide additional security for businesses and their documents to ensure the protection of confidential data. This functionality includes:

Secure & Single Sign In

Single sign on means that only authorised employees who are able to access your company network can access the printers and photocopiers within your business. This helps to prevent any un-authorised personnel being able to access the data on your devices.

Secure sing on utilises access cards to prevent any un-authorised access from people outside your organisation. This also helps to provide fast and effective access to your devices. It also means that you can track the usage of each department or even by user to determine where your security risks lie and can also be used as a means to reduce spend across the business.

Secure Document Release

You may have printed something in the past and then forgot to go and retrieve your document which resulted in someone else picking it up and you having to print again. With secure document release, the document is sent to the printer/photocopier which then stores the print ready file until the user is ready to retrieve it. The user can access and retrieve the document through a variety of security devices and methods including passwords, ID Cards or even finger print scanners depending on the level of security you need. This helps to reduce the risk of documents being lost or even taken by un-authorised individuals who are close to the printer/photocopier at the time.

 Secure Mailbox

Secure mailboxes provide a location for your employees to send documents securely which can be accessed through the printer/photocopier to provide a safe means or printing, scanning or even sending to external sources. This mailbox can be protected by passwords and other security measures to give you peace of mind.

Shredding Equipment Document Security

Disposing of documents securely is important for any business, but in industries such as property management, accounting and healthcare the need to dispose of documents and devices to a specific level is needed to ensure compliance and ensure the integrity of business data.

Shredding Security Level 1-6

Depending on the level of security you require, shredders can provide a means to dispose of documents so that you maintain regulatory compliance and ensure your data is secure. For example, many governmental or healthcare institutions require a high security level which means the size of the shreds made is so small that it is essentially dust and irretrievable. Whereas a small business who deals with lower risk documents may only require a level 1 security shredder which still provides secure document disposal but would come at a much cheaper cost and produce bigger shreds.

Securely Disposing of Documents and Devices

Certain types of shredders not only provide a means to dispose of documents to a required level, but also provides a means to destroy devices which are used throughout your business which may contain sensitive or important data. We’ve all heard stories of USB drives, mobile phones and other storage medias left on buses or even stolen from business premises but what about what happens to those devices once your business is finished with them?

Any type of device can be shredded, from USB drives, phones, SD cards, floppy disks, hard drives and much more. This ensures that when your business disposes of equipment that may contain data, you can rest assure that the device will be destroyed to a required security level and on your business premises to further reduce the risk of data loss.

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