How we can help.

Improve Office Efficiency

Reduce Printing Costs

Maximise Output

Hassle Free Support

Printing, Copying & Scanning.

Benefit from our Canon or Develop ranges by utilising the many features available through these stunning machines. We provide you with free training, installations and integration into your current office set up to ensure that you can continue where you left off without any hassle. We provide free repairs and free toner under all of our service contracts with low cost per print pricing available to all new customers and existing.

B&W Printing.

Print fast black and white documents throughout your office including case notes and documents, drafted legal documents, administrative documents, commercial and private cases and much more.

Copying Documents.

High quality copying allowing you to make detailed duplicates of any office document or image in seconds. High copying speeds also help to improve your productivity across the board making way for time saving and efficiency.

Colour Printing.

Print high quality colour images and documents from legislation/case research, marketing materials, case images, drafted legal documents and much more.


Scan any document in high quality colour or in black and white. Scan important legal documents, client information and details, internal documents and sensitive documents securely without the need to worry for their safety. Scan and send to your email, a colleagues or even a client to maximise efficiency without the need to return to your PC or laptop.

Finishing Options.

Multiple finishing options available to create brochures, booklets, reports, cases, research, drafted legal documents and much more. Contact us for more information regarding how we can help you.

Other features.

Capitalise on mobile printing capabilities to help improve productivity, keep your data secure with a variety of security options available on all of our machines. Rest assure with our reliable, affordable, high quality office products!

Other Benefits.

Mobile Printing.

Print on the go, from anywhere in your office.


Low power consumption meaning low running costs.

Free Maintenance

Free repairs and servicing with contract.


Built in systems, keeping your data safe and secure.