The role of cloud printing in the modern workplace

Most organisations post pandemic have undergone changes towards their infrastructure and to the way they conduct their business which is now shifting to remote and hybrid working. For this to work effectively, cloud-based solutions are needed to bridge the gap between the office and remote work spaces.

How can cloud printing work for my organisation?

  1. Support hybrid working – Allow your workforce the agility to access print jobs from any location or device, perfect for hybrid and remote working. This also saves your employees time which helps to improve productivity and promote efficient processes.
  2. Digital transformation – Utilise automation throughout your document management to streamline processes and reduce wasted time and resources.
  3. Ensure security in the cloud – Increase your security for remote users and hybrid office staff with zero-trust security access and user authentication options available.
  4. Reduce costs – Creating a working environment which runs on the cloud requires no internal infrastructure in place which not only reduce the initial investment needed but also requires no management or staff to maintain.

Cloud printing and agile working

Cloud print allows your users to:

    • Submit print jobs from any location and release those jobs from any device they choose which is connected to your business environment. This even works with mobiles which allow them to submit and release jobs across any office or location with a simple app.
    • Delegate print jobs to be released and collected by other staff members which is perfect for hybrid working situations when you have one staff member in the office and another at home which need to collaborate, allowing them to collect documents they need on demand.
    • Automate scanning, document management, indexing and even the distribution of documents across your business directly from your print device.

Want to learn more about how cloud printing could work for your business?

Cloud printing technology is enabling many organisations transform their workplace environment, putting cloud at the forefront of their future strategy moving forward. We have helped many organisations implement cloud features into their print environment which have provided countless benefits to the way they operate. Get in touch today.

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