Three ways to improve print productivity

Printing productivity is something that can be easily overlooked. We are all too familiar with the typical printing issues like being stuck in a queue of printing jobs or accidently sending the same job twice. With smaller businesses these issues are usually manageable, but when these same problems happen in larger businesses the effects can significantly affect productivity. Due to hybrid working, many businesses are changing their way of working to better suit the current situation.

In this article, we will look at some of the ways your business can improve their productivity during this uncertain time and for the future.

Scalable and efficient – Slow unresponsive printers in a busy work environment are likely to create a backlog of print jobs for your employees, which can have a direct adverse effect on productivity. When possible, it is advisable for your business to invest in a reliable multifunction printer that meets your business requirements.

It will also be beneficial for your business to plan for the future by investing in a printer that is scalable. This means that the printer you choose should be able to meet your business requirements as your business grows larger and printer needs increase. Some features you can look for in a scalable printer would be the ability to increase paper handling capacity or hotspot capabilities that would allow employees to send print jobs over Wi-Fi, which is becoming increasingly popular due to hybrid working.

Cloud printing – Since 2020, working from home and hybrid working have become mainstream, with over 80% of businesses now adopting a hybrid style of working. This now puts businesses in a position where they will need to create a plan to manage the printers connected to their network. A good solution to this problem is to invest in cloud-based platforms that allow you to manage all your printing devices. This is extremely advantageous in large businesses that have multiple sites because all printers can be managed from one single location if necessary. Printing issues can be identified and diagnosed remotely and employees will be able to printer remotely with ease, as the printing configurations can be set up by an admin.

Enterprise management – Once your business reaches a certain level, it is likely that using employees for certain tasks will become redundant due to the increasing printing demand. When this happens, it will be beneficial for your business to create automated workflows, which can be handled by an enterprise platform. This is a software that has many functions designed to improving the printing efficiency of your business. For example, enterprise software can be used to increase the printing capacity during busy times, ensure important documents are sent to the correct people, restarting or rerunning jobs when necessary, discovering ways to reduce print waste and many more useful features. Using the combined features of enterprise software can significantly increase the productivity of your business, by reducing the need for employees to perform these tasks manually.

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