Three ways to secure your print devices

As a business owner, data security is one of the top priorities for many across all types of different industry. With cyber attacks continuing to rise, printers and photocopiers can be a way for hackers to access your network and gain access to your data. Unsecured printers can be the reason for many types of attacks which is why your business should consider securing all print/scan/copy devices on your network.

Here’s how you can secure your office printers/photocopiers

  1. Limit Access and Set Up Authentication

Firstly, providing your staff members with authentication and access will ensure that only designated people will be able to use your office photocopiers and printers. This could be achieved by providing usernames/passwords or sign in cards which are scanned to provide access. This not only denies access to unauthorised users but also provides a means to track the usage of the users you have, for example being able to track activity, print volumes, print locations and more on a user basis.

  1. Run a Print Security Assessment

Running a basic print security assessment will enable you to highlight security vulnerabilities within your print set up. This can be achieved by comparing your current capabilities with secure policy guidelines to see if they meet the required criteria. A managed print service provider can help you run a print security assessment across multiple locations.

  1. Implement Secure Release

With many organisations, printing is usually instant and will print at the nearest device which may sound like the best thing, but this creates a security issue and more so the larger your business grows. Implementing a secure release will mean your printing will be held back in a que until the user then releases the print manually while at the device itself. This ensure that no documents being printed are seen by others without authority and reduces the risk that important data is left at the photocopier for all to see.

Like us to help you secure you print devices?

Get in touch with one of our team to discuss how we could secure your office printers/photocopiers. We have been able to help many businesses reduces the risk of hackers and cyber attacks by securing their devices and ensuring they are monitored regularly. Give us a call today or fill in a contact form for more information.

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