What are Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Services offer businesses a means to externally manage the upkeep and flow of their document output across a range of office devices including photocopiers and printers. This usually includes; equipment supply, servicing and maintenance, consumables and emergency/repair call outs.


This is usually billed as a monthly fee which helps businesses to predict and manage the cost of their document output across the business. Depending on your business requirements a managed print partner will work with you to remove an inefficient processes relating to document management, output and security surrounding printing throughout your business which helps to improve productivity and security throughout.

Your managed print partner will be responsible for maintaining the equipment you have purchased or leased to ensure the effective use moving forward into the future. They are also responsible for providing you with the toner/ink you need to print documents. Customers can make call out arrangements with your managed print partner to rectify maintenance and repair issues to help reduce downtime and improve overall efficiency.

In order to find the best solution for your business, a managed print provider will take the following steps to ensure the right equipment is in the right place in your business to provide the most effective cover for your employees and provide the most cost savings.

  1. Evaluating print requirements
  2. Reduction & removal of in-efficient devices
  3. Consolidate printing equipment throughout
  4. Ensure optimal equipment placement
  5. Install equipment and software
  6. Training & resources provided to staff
  7. Automate call outs and consumable supply
  8. Reduce overall printing costs

What are the benefits of a managed print service provider?

Managed print services can provide your business with the following benefits:

  • Reduce printing costs and save money
  • Reduce capital expenditure and improve month to month cash flow
  • Improve data and organisational security
  • Improve productivity throughout
  • Free up employee time to focus on more important issues
  • Reduce environmental impact and footprint

Working with managed print service providers helps your organisation to optimise the management of your photocopier fleet. Where this may seem insignificant to smaller companies who may only have minimal requirements, for larger companies, managing a fleet of photocopiers, maintenance, repairs and consumables can be a huge task, which is why working with a partner is regarded as the best solution.


Like to learn more about how a managed print services provider can help your business?

Managed print services can provide your business with many tangible gains from a reduction in overall cost of ownership, reduction in printing spend, improvements made to processes which improve efficiency and much more. Don’t believe us? Call us today to speak with one of our dedicated advisors who can point your business in the right direction.

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