What is the real cost of an inefficient print setup?

Inefficient print set ups could be costing you thousands in extra revenue per year due to poorly managed processes, devices and no clear planning associated to your print implementation. Many businesses fail to realise the true cost of these mistakes until they have already paid for it. Don’t make the same mistakes!

Some things that can cost your business include:

  • Machine Downtime
  • Print Ques
  • Repairs
  • Energy Consumption
  • IT Resources
  • Wasted Stock & Resources

1. Time loss – Lost time is something you can never get back. How many times have you been stood at the photocopier or printer, waiting for other people to finish their printing? Not to mention when machines break and need repairing but you have no one in house to sort the issue, which leads to long downtime where nothing gets done.
For example, if you have just 10 employees and they each lose 10 minutes per week, you have altogether lost over 80 hours in total by the end of the year. Imagine what could have been done in that time!

2. Repairs & Consumables – Small repairs may seem insignificant at first, but overtime can amount to thousands in labour and parts as a result of using outdated equipment. Keeping stocks of ink, toner and various replacement parts means you could potentially be holding large sums of your capital in printing stock which could be utilised elsewhere.

3. Wasted energy – The energy consumption used varies from device to device with older, outdated devices usually consuming more energy per hour than that of newer models. Slow and clunky printers can mean longer backlogs of documents and ques for printing which only consumes more energy.

How can businesses overcome these challenges?

To be able to rectify the issues that lie within your print set up, you must first be able to identify where improvements can be made. A managed service provider will run a complete print audit of your business in order to highlight these issues. Managed print services provide the means to run your entire print set up through a service provider who will:

  • Maintain and repair printers and photocopiers
  • Provide toner/ink consumables for print devices
  • Implement changes to your print environment to reduce costs
  • Implement print security access and tracking to your devices
  • Make changes to your print processes to suit your business
  • Source new cost-effective hardware to suit your needs (if necessary)

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