Why use a shredder?

Your business has many procedures and protocol surrounding the handling of virtual data, from anti-phishing protection to regular password changes and other encryption practices. However, do they take the same care with physical documents? Many businesses operate a ‘clean desk policy’, whereby employees are prohibited from leaving any confidential documents on their desk unattended. This is a great policy but often lacks emphasis on the correct disposal of said documents.

A paper shredding machine is an excellent method of ensuring that data protection requirements are met and is easily accessible by every employee. An onsite shredder allows your employees the convivence to be able to permanently destroy documents in a few seconds reliably. Failure to handle documents correctly, can cause said documents to fall into the wrong hands, resulting in many serious issues and complications, such as identify theft or GDPR violations. This article outlines a few of the main reasons why your business should invest in an onsite shredder.

How will a shredder benefit my business?



Fraud is one of the major risks that affects businesses and in 2020 alone, it has been reported that around 60% of midsized UK businesses were victims of fraud. Under the GDPR, businesses are required by law to dispose of customer’s confidential documents safely and securely. Shredders are an excellent way to dispose of sensitive documents, as it eliminates the possibility of theft and gives customers peace of mind, knowing that your business is proactively preventing your private information from being stolen. Generally, businesses who go the extra mile to ensure that their customer’s details are protected, are impacted positively, as they are often seen as a trusted and respected professional organisation.

Cost Effective

There are costs involved with waste management and disposal, but shredding can help in reducing the overall costs of a business. Off-site shredding services are available, but these cost money and require a level of trust that the shredding service will operate in a diligent confidential manner. From this point of view, it appears that a one-off shredder purchase is the better cost-effective solution for a business that requires shredding on a regular basis. See it as, purchasing a shredder is a long-term investment for your company’s security plan, whereby you are allocating budget to provide a cost-effective eco-friendly solution, to the problem of information disposal while cutting out the middle man.

The general costs of operating a shredder are low and maintenance should be rare. Some shredders may require oil or replacement parts, but this can often be fixed at low cost. Improper handling of confidential documents could land a business in legal trouble, because they may be in violation of compliance laws which can be dearly expensive to resolve.


Paper-based documents are extremely common in most areas of life and require a fairly heavy carbon footprint to produce. When paper isn’t recycled it will likely end up on a landfill site or burned. Both solutions are harmful to the environment.

Shredding documents provides an eco-friendly method of waste disposal, because shredded paper weights less and requires fewer waste containers to dispose of, allowing for better management of trash space. Shredded documents in most circumstances can be recycled, which prevents new trees from being cut down that would normally destroy the habitat for the surrounding wildlife. From a social point of view, recycling shredded paper can aid in improving a company’s image, by being seen to be an organisation that cares about the environmental health of the planet and the carbon footprint of their company.

There are many uses of shredded paper, but one of the most common is for replacing Styrofoam when transporting goods. The benefit of this is understanding that paper can be recycled, whereas Styrofoam is non-biodegradable and costs money to produce.